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A startup that allows its clients to unify their banking and investing accounts under one roof.

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Put Your Dollar to Work

Shiftie is a financial institution aiming to help people start their investment journey. They allow their customers to keep all of their money invested while providing instant access to cash through their unique debit card. It works just like a standard checking account regarding the availability of cash through ATM withdrawals, automatic bill pay, Apple Pay, etc.

The key differentiator is that it allows for automated investing according to the user’s preferences, while the algorithm ensures cash availability. In addition, Shiftie leverages everyday withdraws and deposits in Nexus accounts to automatically rebalance their client’s portfolio tax-efficiently.
With no monthly, trading, or investment advisory fees, Nexus allows its clients to begin their investment journey and reap the benefits to help pay rent or their next vacation. All with the conveniences of a traditional checking account.

Previously operating under the name Margadarsi chits, the team came to Mast to develop a new name, identity, and digital presence. Establishing a modern, serious, yet inviting brand that appeals to its clients and establishes trust.

Branding Agency in coimbatore

One of the main touch-points for the brand is the physical card; Shiftie clients receive a unique metal card that is used precisely the same as a traditional debit card. Therefore, we worked to develop a unique design that carried over the brand’s presence digitally and physically while working within the confines of the Visa card.

Branding Agency in coimbatore
Branding Agency in coimbatore
Branding Agency in coimbatore
Branding Agency in coimbatore

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Creating a letter-based symbol for Shiftie is a great step towards building a new brand equity. The symbol's design on a chat box grid within a square to form an abstracted S is a clever and memorable way to represent the brand. It creates a visual connection with the brand's target audience, which is tech-savvy individuals who prefer digital solutions for their banking and investment needs.

The two cuts symbolizing the motion between banking and investing that Shiftie provides its customers is a clever way to visually communicate the brand's value proposition. This helps to create an emotional connection with customers and reinforces the idea that Shiftie is a trustworthy platform for managing their financial transactions.

Having a strong and trustworthy symbol is critical for building brand equity, as it is one of the most recognizable elements of the brand. It will help customers associate positive feelings with the brand, making it easier for them to remember and choose Shiftie over other competitors in the market.

Overall, the letter-based symbol for Shiftie is a valuable asset for the brand, and it will be essential for building digital applications and other marketing materials that will resonate with customers. With consistent use across various touchpoints, the symbol can help build a strong brand image and drive the growth of Shiftie.

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