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We are MC Digital Branding Agency

Mirthu Creations Agency was founded in 2019 in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. We are a trustworthy marketing agency. We have come a long way in a short span of time. Today, we stand proud as a fully digital branding agency, with our team of talented individuals and collaborators spread across the globe. Our diverse backgrounds and perspectives allow us to bring a valuable global viewpoint to every project we undertake.

We understands that the world and the businesses with whom we collaborate are always changing. We thrive on this constant motion, continuously refining our creative brand strategies to stay ahead of the competition. We believe in finding new paths, embracing fresh perspectives, and challenging the current situation. We discover the essence of success for our clients as a brand agency.

We encourage you to join us on a transforming journey. Our creative brand team aims to exceed your expectations by offering final results that will make a lasting impression through digital brand strategies and cutting-edge technology.

Office with a View

Our Advantages

What we do:

Play Fair
Take Pride in Our Work
Build for The Long-term

What we don’t:

Outsource Work
Take Shortcuts
Work Crazy Hours
Negotiate on Fees

With human-centric design at the heart of our values, we depend on the many viewpoints and life experiences of our team to help us develop brands.

Years of Experience
Projects Completed
Years of Expertise
Cup of coffee

Our ideals have been developed through the years by both successes and failures.

1 — Challenge Basic


This concept continues to serve as the foundation for all we do. We find innovative solutions by questioning our customers and our own beliefs about a product, an audience, and what is achievable. This concept arose from the very inception of our digital branding agency. Many people thought that we couldn't manage a successful digital business from a Croatian island; we continue to push this perception every day.

2 — Learning through


We approach each situation with an open mind, and sometimes our best answers require us to take the path less traveled. We aren't scared to attempt new things or make errors along the road. We stay sharp by learning by doing.

3 — Attention and


We carefully examine every job we go on because we always give 110% when we commit. If we identify a method to make anything smarter, quicker, or better, we will always advocate for it (even if it makes our work more difficult!). We're motivated by a passion to create excellent data-driven experiences, which often means going above and beyond the brief.

4 — Intelligent


We approach communication with our clients and with each other with open arms. Everybody's opinion is essential and we're never too busy to listen. Listening effectively entails taking the time to genuinely learn, without ego, and being flexible and ready to adapt.

Digital Branding Agency
We're on a mission to help your business boost digitally.

Living in a digital age, people’s experiences can sometimes be separated from regular connections. That is why our work values human connections that help people connect in a meaningful way.


Have a project in mind?

Let’s get to work.

What We Are Skilled at

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